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Obtaining the correct measurements for your new spa cover or replacement spa cover is important. You can measure from your existing spa cover if it is not in poor condition, or you can measure directly from your hot tub. Of course, you’ll need a measuring tape, but you’ll also need three additional tools to get the measurements for your cover.

First, printout of the diagram of your spa or the shape of your cover from our website.

Next, you’ll need a pen and paper, in case you’ll need to make additional measurements.

And thirdly, you’ll need a carpenter’s square or a corner radius chart, also located on our website here at

Ask a friend to help you make measurements.

The video below provides specific instructions for measuring your spa. Points to keep in mind:

• Measure the skirt length from the seam, and make sure the skirt length is long enough to insulate the spa
• Make sure your spa cover will fold directly behind the control pad so that you can access it easily for maintenance
• Add one inch to each measurement to allow for error when you’re measuring for a new spa cover by measuring your tub

Proper measurements insure that your new or replacement spa cover will lie flat and not curl up. Without a proper fit, your spa will lose its heat efficiency.

View our exclusive video below for more information.

Click on your spa shape below to obtain more detailed instructions about how to measure the shape of your spa.

Square with radius corners

Rectangle with radius




(All Sides the same)

(Some Sides Different)

Square with cut corners

Square with one cut corner

Square with 2 cut corners

Square with 3 cut corners

Square with 2 cut corners and 2 radius

Rectangle with cut corners

Tie downs and locks are included with all of our covers! No measurements needed for these—They are either screwed to a deck or attached to the wood spa cabinet.


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