rectangle spa cover with cut corners

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      Rectangular Spa Cover with Cut Corners

Rectangle Spa Cover
with Cut Corners

The rectangular spa cover, even with cut corners, is easy to measure. But to be precise, utilize the measurements of an old spa cover, if it is available. However, if it is in a state of disrepair (warped and buckling), or if you donít have an old spa cover, follow the directions below for measuring your new spa cover.

Simply use a tape measure to take the lengths of each side, including the shorter corners. Itís also helpful to submit information with your order about where your hot tub controls are located, so that we can ensure easy access to your controls with your new spa cover.

Do you need to measure from the lip of the acrylic lining? Not necessarily. You could choose to take measurements for your cover from the wooden cabinet, rim to rim. Whatís the difference? A tub that is measured lip to lip from the acrylic lining will produce a new cover that will just cover the tub alone. When measurements are taken from the outer wooden rim, youíll receive a hot tub cover that will lie over the wooden cabinet, as well. See the diagram below, and for additional information, view our exclusive video.

To ensure heat efficiency, take careful measurements for the skirt/flap that hangs straight down from the bottom seam of the cover. Measure this skirt to be a good 3Ē long so that it covers the spa lip or the spa cabinet rim. If the skirt is mistakenly measured too short, it will stick out and allow heat to escape.

A standard rule of thumb is to add an extra inch to all of your measurements. Itís fine if your hot tub cover is a little larger than the perimeter of the tub or the wooden rim, because it will still rest flat and prevent heat loss. If it is too small, your cover will not insulate properly.

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