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      Square Spa Cover With 2 Radius Corners

Square Spa Cover
With 2 Radius Corners

A square shaped spa with two radius, or rounded corners may present some measuring challenges. Therefore, use an old spa cover to provide us with measurement data for manufacturing your new spa cover. If you do not have an existing spa cover, read the following instructions very carefully. You’ll want to use your tape measure to collect the lengths of all the sides of your hot tub. This includes the lengths of any cut corners (see the figure below). For the rounded corners, you’ll need a corner radius chart or a carpenter’s square for accurate measurements. Incorrect corner measurements can result in a spa cover that could be too small and will allow heat to escape. If you are unsure of your measurements, always go with a smaller radius. Or better yet, view our exclusive video, where we demonstrate how to assess this information properly.

You may be concerned about whether to take all your measurements from the lip of the acrylic lining of the tub, or whether to use the outside cabinet for the basis of your figures. It doesn’t matter, because either way, you’ll receive a new hot tub cover that will seal in the heat and protect your spa. But if you prefer to have your new cover extend beyond the wooden rim, measure your new hot tub cover from the top of the wooden cabinet. See the figure below to visualize this.

The diagram below also displays the skirt or flap of a spa cover. This is the portion of the cover that extends below the bottom seam and hangs straight down. You’ll need to measure this length, as well, making sure that the skirt will cover the acrylic or at least three inches of the wood cabinet. If the skirt is not measured correctly and is too short, it will fold up and will compromise the insulating ability of your cover.

One of the most important functions of a spa cover is to increase the energy efficiency of your spa. The cover also protects it from heavy precipitation and debris. Precisely measuring your cover, adding an extra inch or so, will ensure that your new cover will fit perfectly and will keep your energy bills down.

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Square Spa Cover with Radius Corners

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