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     Square Spa Cover With 3 Cut Corners

Square Spa Cover
With 3 Cut Corners

Of course, itís always best to obtain new hot tub cover measurements from your old cover. But if it is in poor condition, or if you donít have an old cover to refer to, carefully read the instructions below.

For a spa cover that is a square shape with three cut corners (or in other words, for a 7-sided hot tub), get out your tape measure and record the lengths of each side. Add an extra inch to each measurement to ensure that your new cover will lie flat and prevent heat from escaping. Since a seven-sided hot tub is an unusual shape, also indicate where the controls are located on your tub so that our manufacturer will know where to place the folds.

You have a choice of measuring from either the spa lip (acrylic) or from the wood rim. Itís common to take measurements from the acrylic lining, lip to lip. But if you want your new spa cover to extend over the wood rim, take your measurements from the edge of the cabinet. Either way, your state-of-the-art spa cover will be energy efficient.

There is one other item for consideration to ensure that your new hot tub cover insulates properlyóthe skirt measurements. Make sure that the skirt is long enough (commonly 3Ē) to hang straight down. If it is too short, it will stick up and heat will escape from your hot tub like steam from a teakettle.

Remember, itís always optimum to add an extra inch to your measurements. This way, your new spa cover will still fit, even if you made a mistake while measuring.

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Square spa cover three cut corners

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Add Insulated Hinges Upgrade (No Heat Escape) Upgrade - Highly Recommended!

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