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When ordering a new spa cover it is important to measure your existing cover or spa perimeter correctly. This can be confusing, however we have developed a system that will take you through this process quickly and easily. Click the start button below to begin.

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5 Year Warranty

Our exclusive 5 year warranty is the best in the industry. You won't find it anywhere else. Discount spa covers are suitable for any outdoor or indoor application.

Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

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Spa covers ship within 5-10 business days after your order is processed. You will receive an email with tracking information when your cover ships. *Applies to orders inside Continential US Only.

Why are hot tub covers important?

Hot tub covers are a necessity for any new spa or hot tub. After all, your hot tub is a big investment, emotionally and financially. Not only is your hot tub a source of relaxation but also can became an oasis and source of family fun in your backyard.

You’ll want your spa to last for years, which means protecting it from the elements and maintaining it. One easy way to protect any hot tub is through hot tub covers.

Hot tub covers are integral part to a healthy spa system for several reasons.

Hot tub covers offer protection.

Dirt and debris will cause filters and pumps to become dirtier faster. This could lead to problems, particularly when debris disrupts mechanics. Hot tub covers help reduce the amount of dirt that drifts into your hot tub. As a result, the life of your spa’s mechanics is extended. In addition, hot tub covers also help reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Hot tub covers stop heat loss.

Heat is also lost rapidly when a spa remains uncovered, raising costs. Hot tub covers reduce heat loss and will keep your spa warm and ready for use. Going green with your spa includes the use of hot tub covers to help reduce the amount of energy you use each month in heating.

Hot tub covers provide safety.

Hot tub covers also offer safety to the hot tub area. Hard hot tub covers can include latches as well as a strong, stiff surface. While nothing can replace watchful eyes, hard top hot tub covers act as a detriment to children or small pets falling in.

The latches on hot tub covers also serve a dual purpose. Hot tub covers that are strapped down during storms and high wind will stay put and avoid becoming a safety hazard. Avoid losing the investment hot tub covers represent and invest in a cover that locks.

What our hot tub covers offer.

In short, hot tub covers are an important part to your spa. That is why all of us here at Discount Spa Covers aim to make hot tub covers that not only last but are also affordable.

Our hot tub covers are built using the best materials on the market and are built to last. With the highest quality foam in water resistant tubing, our hot tub covers are made to reduce water absorption. Heat loss is minimized with our hot tub covers by vapor lock padding between sections. The high quality marine grade vinyl that our hot tub covers are made of also ward off mildew and UV, prolonging the life of our hot tub covers.

Because we offer custom hot tub covers, we can accommodate a wide variety of spa sizes and shapes. Our website makes ordering custom hot tub covers easy, and includes tutorials on measuring hot tub covers accurately. Customize hot tub covers further with numerous color options and features.

What we offer with our hot tub covers.

We’re so confident in our hot tub covers that we back up our craftsmanship with an exclusive five-year warranty. This offer is unique to our hot tub covers. You won’t find this guarantee anywhere else in the industry.

While others offer inferior hot tub covers, cutting corners and sacrificing materials or craftsmanship to get prices low, we offer the best quality hot tub covers as well as the most competitive price available on the market and in the industry.

Our hot tub covers ship free!

Even better? All of our hot tub covers ship free within the continental U.S. Our hot tub covers ship fast, shipping between five to ten business days, and will always include an email to you with tracking information. We take our customer service seriously, and you will find friendly staff ready to answer questions about our hot tub covers or company policies.

Simply put…

Our hot tub covers are the best.

Get started on ordering one of our hot tub covers today by calling or ordering online. If you have any questions or comments about our hot tub covers, don’t hesitate in contacting us.