Deluxe Swim Spa Rectangle with Rounded Corners


Heat Retention Level: Better

5″ in the center, tapers to 3″ on the end with a metal sheet in between for added durability
1 1/2 lb Density Foam
4 Locking Tie Downs
2 Handles
5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

**Covers measuring more than 96 inches in BOTH directions will require a quote.
Please call for detailed pricing. 1-844-894-6661

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A spa cover skirt is the portion of your fabric that extends down from your cover bottom and overlaps the top of your spa. Cover skirts help protect the acrylic part of your spa from UV damage so it’s important that they hang down enough to cover the acrylic.

Using a cover lift can help prolong the life of your spa cover. Cover lifts reduce wear and tear caused by improper removal and replacement of the spa cover. Using a cover lift eliminates the need to drop, drag, push and pull the spa cover into position. Adding a cover lift adds to ease of use and extends the life of your cover.

Your new cover will be made with 1 ½ lb density virgin foam inserts. You can upgrade to 2 lb density virgin foam. Higher density foam is more rigid, more stable, increases heat retention and will provide increased resistance to water logging.

The foam inserts in your new spa cover are protected with a heat-sealed vapor wrap. Over time, the vapor seal deteriorates allowing moisture to reach the foam making the cover very heavy. Our vapor seal upgrade shields the foam inserts from the negative effects of time and the chemicals used to maintain your water chemistry.

The skirt flaps are extended at the hinge creating flaps in the hinge. You can choose to add either hinge pockets to seal the ends of the hinge or you can add a full length steam stopper that insulates the full length of the hinge to prevent heat loss and evaporation in the hinge.

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5″ in the center, tapers to 3″ on the end 
1 1/2 lb Density Insulating Foam which offers an R-17 level of insulation
4 Tie Downs with Keyed Lock Fasteners
2 Handles
5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Swim spa covers greater than 102″ do not have fold options and have 3 or more sections.

Covers between 102” and 150” are made in 3 sections.
Covers between 151″ and 121″ are made in 4 sections.
Covers over 200″ are made in 5 or more sections.

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Up to 96" wide and 97" to 108" long, Up to 96" wide and 109" to 120" long, Up to 96" wide and 121" to 144" long, Up to 96" wide and 145" to 168" long, Up to 96" wide and 169" to 192" long, Up to 96" wide and 193" to 204" long, Up to 96" wide and 205" or longer Call for Pricing


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